Basic Rules to Developing a Tai Chi Practice

Regular Practice is better than No Practice

Start with 10 minutes a day and slowly build up your regime. Don’t rely just on the once-a-week class times. Practice everyday to ensure you make progress. 

Pace Yourself

It’s better to practice Tai Chi frequently, even 5-10 minutes a day, than one hour a week. 

Be Patient with your Progress

Change happens slowly, and often unnoticed, in Tai Chi. Look for ways to mark your progress.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

People learn in different ways and progress at different rates. People reap the benefits Tai Chi differently according to where they are in life. 

Don’t be too Self-Critical

Silence your inner critic. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Enjoy and be in the moment–this will improve your Qi and make you more relaxed. 

Make Tai Chi part of your regular routine

Pick a regular place and time to practice Tai Chi, practice alone or with a friend, wear loose and comfortable clothes, turn off your cell phone–these steps can build a sense of ritual and a structured routine to help you prioritize your daily practice. 

Keep a Journal

Take notes after every class. Translate new movements into your own words or drawings. Reflect on the principles behind the movements. 

Find Ways to Integrate Tai Chi throughout the Day

Focus on the basic principles of Tai Chi  and incorporate the principles into your daily life. Where is your weight placement when you are standing? sitting? walking? 

Join a Tai Chi class

Find a teacher in your community. Connecting with other Tai Chi practitioners will provide social support, crucial for your own progress. 


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